Security Deposit Vault – NZ’s Premier Safe Deposit Box Vault


Securely store the things you cannot afford to lose.

Are you looking for a Safe Deposit Box Vault in Auckland? Do you need a secure place to store your critical documents, gold bullion, family heirlooms, cryptocurrency keys or other important items? Then look no further – we offer security deposit vaults in Parnell through our other company, Security Deposit Vaults.

Strategically located across the road from Space Station Storage, our security deposit vaults are a great way to store your prized possessions in the heart of Auckland.


Security is our speciality – safe as a Swiss Bank

Our vault facility, located across the road from Space Station at 17 Farnham Street, Parnell, Auckland exceeds the US 5R National Insurance rating for bank vaults. With 24/7 electronic surveillance and actively monitored video cameras, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe with us.

A dual-key locking system ensures that only you can gain access your vault. To open the locks, you and our vault manager must insert both keys at the same time.

Our vault is constructed of steel-reinforced concrete, and protected by a combination locked hardened steel door that weighs 6 tonnes.

We also own the property, so there is no risk of lease terms and conflict with the landlord interfering with the secure service we offer.

Security Deposit Vaults utilizes a number of other state-of-the-art security measures which remain undisclosed from our customers to ensure that the facility is completely secure. It’s safe to say that we take security very seriously, and proof of our commitment to s

security can be seen in the fact that we haven’t had any break-ins during our 34 years in business.


Privacy and security go hand in hand

We provide safe and secure underground carparks with access to the vault foyer for our customers so that valuables can be safely brought to and from the vault.

The contents of your box are completely private once the door is open through use of an inner bond tin. Private viewing rooms allow you to remove or replace items in your inner bond tin with complete confidentiality.


What’s the price of security and peace of mind?

Our prices start at $199.50 per year including GST, and increase based on the size of your vault. We offer 7 different vault sizes.

We have virtually unlimited rental terms – rent a box for one year or for many years on perpetually renewable terms.


Inside the vault


To find out more about our facility, visit the Security Deposit Vault website here, or call us on (09) 377-6666.