Safe Deposit Box Vault

NZ’s Premier Safe Deposit Box Vault

Security Deposits Vault for the things you can’t afford to lose

Looking for a safety deposit box Auckland or a safe deposit box Auckland? Space Station has a vault facility with security standards exceeding the US 5R National Insurance rating for bank vaults.

Can you risk a robbery or fire?

Don’t be a target for burglars. Our purpose built concrete vault is New Zealand’s premier Safe Deposit box facility offering absolute protection for all your precious valuables.

At your service 7 days a week

The Safe Deposit Box facility is centrally located in Parnell and open seven days a week.


For convenience and security we offer our clients drive-in, off-street parking and electronic card access system.

Safe as a Swiss Bank

Our vault exceeds the US 5R National Insurance rating for bank vaults. Electronic surveillance and security cameras protect our premises and vault-24 hours a day.

Private and confidential

Each Auckland Safe Deposit Box has a dual locking system, and cannot be opened without your personal key. The contents of your box are completely private once the door is open by the use of an inner Bond Tin. Private viewing rooms allow you to remove or replace items in your Bond Tin with complete confidentiality.

Inside the vaultWhat’s the Price of Security?

We have six Safe Deposit Box sizes from $ 199.50 per year, large Security Lockers and a safe Custody Facility. Please telephone or visit to see how little it costs for safe and secure storage.

How Should I Use A Safe Deposit Box?

It is easy to decide what items to keep in a Safe Deposit Box, just ask yourself what the significance would be if some of your important papers and possessions were lost, stolen or destroyed.

The simplest way to decide which items should be safeguarded in our Auckland Safe Deposit Box facility is to use this listing below to record them and then evaluate each item accordingly.


  • Birth and Marriage Certificates
  • External computer Hard Drives
  • Computer backup disks
  • Contracts and Titles
  • Irreplaceable Mementoes
  • Bullion
  • Pin Numbers & Passwords
  • Insurance Policies
  • Wills
  • Jewelry
  • Photographs and Negatives
  • Rare Coins and Stamps
  • Household Inventory¬†Listings
  • Bank Account & Credit Cards Numbers
  • Passports and Visas
  • Leases and Mortgages
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Cash
  • Other Collectibles
  • Income Tax and other records
  • Spare Keys & Lock Combinations

To find out more about our Safe Deposit Box Auckland facility visit our Security Deposits Vault website! Hours of operation Mon – Sat 9.00am – 5.15pm Sun 10.00am 3.30pm