Guide to Going Green

Environmental responsibility and rising energy costs have dominated the headlines in recent years with an increased movement towards ‘going green’ and ‘tightening our belts’.
Reducing our energy consumption increases our contribution to greener living while also helping us save money. Here at Space Station Storage, we have compiled a simple guide so that each and every one of us can have a greener existence at home, at work and even on the way to work

Going Green at Home

We’re all reasonably good at recycling our glass bottles, old newspapers and ink cartridges but have you ever thought about recycling, for example, your old trainers?
You might also be surprised to know that batteries, mobile phones, engine oil and even paint are all recyclable items.
Beyond recycling we can also actively reduce our carbon footprint by switching to energy-saving light bulbs, turning off electrical items we are not using and becoming more self-sufficient.
Many of us are guilty of leaving our televisions, laptops and kitchen appliances on standby, however, a recent survey has revealed that we can save up to $ 150 annually by making sure that all electrical items are unplugged. With this in mind, it’s definitely worth trying to get into the routine of checking plugs before going to bed at night.

With rising energy costs it has also become important to consider an appliance’s energy efficiency before purchase. The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is planning to introduce a product labelling trial next year which will show the lifetime running costs of common household appliances helping us be more energy-efficient and eco-conscious.
Did you know one-third of the 150 litres of water used by the average Kiwi daily is wasted? You could help reduce how much water you waste every day by thinking about using a watering can instead of the hose while watering your garden and how about installing a dual flush toilet? Dual flush toilets conserve water by offering users a choice of flushes and by handling waste differently from conventional loos.

By doing something as simple as turning the tap off whilst brushing our teeth or manually washing the dishes instead of using the dishwasher can also have a big impact on reducing the amount of water we waste daily.

Insulating your home is also a great way of making life a little greener. Homeowners can save up to $ 500 a year in heating bills by getting their roof and cavity walls insulated. Insulation increases our environmental contribution as we need to use less fuel and energy to heat our homes.

Going Green at Work

How many of us honestly shut our computers down at the end of the working day?
A study in 2007 revealed that 30% of corporate computers are not turned off overnight generating 14.4 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. While leaving non-essential appliances like fax machines and printers on overnight in the office wastes enough energy to fuel a small car for 160 km.

Interestingly research also suggests that one ton of office paper (enough to cover the workload of 10 to 15 employees) requires 17 trees to be demolished. Therefore we all need to make sure our office appliances take a power nap at night and we all do our bit to reduce, reuse and recycle in the office.

Going Green on way to work

Do you currently drive to work? Have you considered who lives nearby to you in the office? There may even be someone who works in the office next door. Could you share a lift with them or devise a rota where you take it in turns to drive (and share the cost of fuel)?

Space Station Storage Going Green

Space Station Storage has increased its renewable energy generation over the past few years with the installation of motion sensor lighting, removing some of the unnecessary fluorescent tubes in the car park building, switching off car park building lights and storage lights during the day and using natural the light from skylights, installing and using green roof insulation. We have also installed solar film onto the windows of the offices in one of the buildings. This has reduced the heat build-up from the sun by 44%, resulting in a significant reduction in electricity usage from the aircon units for our tenants. These measures overall have reduced the electricity bills by more than 20% for our 2 buildings and have helped us keep our footprint green.

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