What our clients sayTo Future Storage Customers:

We have had a relationship with the business that dates back to 2000. At this time we lived offshore for 6 years and rented one of the large storage spaces. At all times the service was faultless. I returned to New Zealand at least three times a year over this period and when checking our possessions always found them clean, dry and without any insect infestation. Most importantly, Mary was always on deck and ready to help.

It was for this reason that after the February earthquake in Christchurch that I immediately to Mary for help as we had to move my mother and all her possessions here in a hurry. Nothing was too much trouble and today we emptied her storage room as she is now returning to Christchurch. For the time being this will end our association with this excellent storage facility. However should we need to, we will definitely use them in the future.


From the first meeting with the General Manager of the facility, I felt my belongings were in safe hands at Space Station. She knows the ins and outs of the business and provides efficient and friendly service in a facility which is professionally run and organized! As such, compared to other storage facilities that were site inspected prior to renting a unit at Space Station, what impressed me at Space Station was the people-oriented culture. Further factors contributing to the decision-making was that the facility is manned continuously during its opening hours and locked after office hours and the storage unit, as is the rest of Space Station, was solidly built and handed to me in a clean condition.

B.A. Parnell

In our travels we have used storage facilities in many parts of the world. We have been particularly pleased with your company.  The rooms / lockers are generous sizes, secure and clean. We like the way we are greeted by the friendly helpful staff especially when we have been making contact from overseas.

R & P


Customer for 31 years

In 1984 our kids were due to start school and we were becoming tired of each of us having to drive separately from outer Pukekohe into Auckland City for our respective work . We decided to make a dramatic change and sell our life-style block and buy a townhouse closer to the CBD. The only difficulty was we were moving from a fully furnished home of 3,400 sq. feet to one of 2,300 sq. ft.
A friend cheerfully suggested that we put all the spare stuff in the Space Station.
“Yeah, right.” I said.” Somewhere out near the airport I suppose.”
“No, no “ he said. “It’s a real place. It’s down in St Georges Bay Rd in Parnell. It’s an old Wool Store and they have divided it up into all different size units and you can rent by the month.”
I went and had a look. It was exactly what we needed. And because you can stack stuff, we didn’t need 1,000 sq. feet
I was in there the other day and was reminiscing with the manager about all the things that had gone on over the last 31 years.
Every six months or so, we go in and select paintings and ornaments that have been stored and redecorate at home. We also lent furniture to the kids to go flatting and then after a couple of years it came back. We lent a bed a table and four chairs to my cousin when he was unceremoniously evicted from his marital home. We later got it back all freshly re-polished and looking like new. This last week it went out on loan to a nephew buying his first home. You can also store sports gear there between seasons or longer if size is a worry and the young ones aren’t big enough yet.
During this period I expanded my business and decided it was far cheaper to store old files in the space station than in a glass tower in the CBD. They are open all business hours and weekends as well, so access is really good.
I can’t believe it’s been 31 years. You should try it. It’s a real place in St Georges Bay Road in Parnell.
Dion M M